Aspen Labs
  • Q4.2021- dCOLLECT Alpha Release
  • Q4.2021- dCOLLECT NFT staking enabled
  • Q4.2021- Solana & Avalanche cross-chain compatibility
  • Q1.2022- Research and Development of dCOLLECT NFT game
  • Q2.2022- Launch of Hypersphere DEX
  • Q2.2022- Establishment of Auction features on dCOLLECT
  • Q3.2022- Beta launch of dCOLLECT game
  • Q3.2022- Aspen token to be cross-chain compatible with the majority of EVM blockchains
  • Q4. 2022- Series A investment round
  • Q4. 2022- Alpha launch of dCOLLECT game
  • Q1. 2023- Funding round for dLEND
  • Q1. 2023- Opening of Singapore Office for dLEND
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